Active Verses;


This is a mostly canon version of Kyle at the beginning of his calling as a superhero, that I play over at my Smallville spinoff RPG JLA Legacy. Of course, he's been translated into the Smallville universe so he has a few minor personality and power adjustments, having a quirky sense of humour and modest charm as well as a secret inner depth that he rarely shows and a determination that can cause him to rebel against group decisions and do his own thing.  As for his powers, in this verse Kyle has been using them for a number of years and is very skilled in their use, however he hasn't learnt anything beyond conjuring energy constructs and flying, really. He has just moved to Metropolis having moved their from Star City, where he is a known "cape" amongst the people, as Green Lantern.  You can read his complete bio here.  No crossovers.

This is a slashverse in which Kyle is mostly canon DC, accomplished as Green Lantern but still seen as the young, undeserving member of the Corps by some.  He is a member of the Justice League, and is set to discover more about himself as well as his occasional teammate Arthur Curry (Aquaman), although the two have rarely spoken before.  Arthur is younger and still figuring out who and what he is, as well as who and what that means for him and the world.  Starting as similarly aged friends, the two will find more than friendship in one another, over time.

Possible Verses;

I am more than willing to slash Kyle with other male DC characters that he may know, especially those he may know from the JLA, but within reason; I don't want to slash with any minors (players and characters alike, actually).  In fact while there might be a few exceptions, Kyle will be best slashed with characters closer to his age (I play him at around the age of 26 or so).  I'm game for slashing Kyle as either his canon DC self, or a more Smallville-esque version, at either the start of his superhero career or later on.  Some crossovers may be considered.


This version of Kyle is more typical of his DC comics incarnation, although I prefer him no more than a little over halfway into his career as a superhero so keep this in mind. No established relationship necessary to pay mind to either, no history with Jade, his slate is wiped clean and I will be adding numbers to his little black book myself rather than giving the pen to comics history. He is up for romance, battlefield action, JLA RP, procrastination with his fellow heroes, most things really.  No crossovers.